1. “Suzuki Violin School Violin Part” Volume 1-10 with CD and/or mp3 download.  This is our core repertoire used to learn to play!  Pieces in these books have been composed and collected by Shinichi Suzuki.  Many of the selections are popular and classical melodies your student will love!  Please keep in mind students do not learn these tunes by reading from the book, but they will learn them using the Suzuki method.  Purchase Suzuki Volume 1 when we begin, and each volume can be purchased as your student approaches the end of each book.  Having these books is essential to help parents practice with their child and begin to learn music notation as it is introduced in lessons.
  2. “I Can Read Music” Volume 1 by Joanne Martin.  Purchase this book when instructed to do so for beginner note readers. 
  3. “Adventures in Music Reading” Book 1, 2, 3 by William Starr.  These books will be used once the student completes “I Can Read Music.”
  4. “Tunable” App to use for portable tuner and metronome
  5. “Note Works” App for Book 2+ to aid in learning to read music
  6. Amazon, quickly order your books, strings from here.  Just don’t buy your instruments from here!
  7. “Amazing Slow Downer” App for all levels.  This amazing app is designed to work with your mp3 downloaded music on the same device to slow down (or speed up!) recorded music.  This helps students tremendously to gain confidence by starting slow and increasing their speed until they are comfortable playing with a recorded accompanist! 
  8. This is a go-to resource for purchasing quality instruments online, or other essential materials.  Very good customer service as well!
  9. The Practice Shoppe! One of my close childhood Suzuki friend has created a wonderful online resource for Suzuki parents and students.  There are dozens of free printable practice charts with fun themes and music-themed gifts or practice tools to keep practice time fun and inspired. 
  10. Join the discussion on Facebook!  Search for “Suzuki Method Parent Discussion Group” and you will find 1,000+ other Suzuki parents (and teachers) all cheering each other on and sharing practicing successes and challenges.